xenocx is a shot in the dark at making senselessness. lacking any special resources, publicity, insight, or intellect, it works by greedily taking what it can get. publishable material includes but is not limited to janky code, halfbaked fiction, aborted manifestos, chickenscratch notes, occult gibberish, fanfiction, unhinged polemics, and denunciations of xenocx. authors require no accreditation, including their actual existence. anything works, as long as it does something, and isn't ashamed of doing it.


xenocx has never, does not, and will never have blog-style comments. nor will it ever argue on twitter. the full consequences of these forms of communication are unutterable, but include production of neurotics, neoreactionaries, haughty arcane charlatans, bookchinites, and other unfortunate individuals. however, contact remains possible! xenocx will read and respond to mail sent to, and specific authors may list their own means of communication. should someone wish to add something to xenocx—whether a continuation, a critique, or just related work—this is the way to approach the topic.


xenocx is impressed and encouraged by the products of the following collectives: