a product in process:
Polytical Lesbianism
by Lillian Patch,
a codex on the topic of
Nullified Feminism

Plan of the Present Work

I would like to commit myself to a project: I will write a long G/ACC treatise, the provisional title of which is “Polytical Lesbianism.” Its initiatory touchstones are to be (1) the Ccru definition of “lesbovampirism,” (2) Neolemurian numbering practices, and (3) theories of the labyrinth. In a word, it shall concern itself with three primary figures: lesbovampires, lemurs, and labyrinths.

The project will progress through the following series of phases:

  1. To begin with, the compilation of an annotated bibliography. I shall (re)read the books and essays relevant to to this topic area and, as I do so, write commentary on them. These will be uploaded here, on the Annotations tab, as a collection of miniature essays on various texts.
  2. Simultaneously, I will, as I feel inspired to, write little shards of text before I properly begin writing the essay. These will be uploaded and shared on the Fragments tab, but they will not be final products, although they may end up woven into the final work.
  3. Then, once I feel I have a sufficient mass of annotated texts, I will begin writing the essay linearly in little pieces (think very short chapters, like in Sadie Plant's Zeros + Ones, which flow into each other). Each will be uploaded on the Procession tab once I have written it and had a chance to revise it a few days later.
  4. Simultaneously, I will upload adjacent commentary that doesn't fit into the linear flow of the text, in the manner of long footnotes, under the Marginalia tab. The more elaborately numogrammatic analyses which are typical on this website will usually be found here.
  5. Finally, once the procession reaches a natural point of conclusion, I will do a final revision and weave everything together into a continuous text, which will be linked through the Culmination tab. At this point, the project will be complete.

This plan will involve a lot of written text in the end, but in manageable portions, and I am committed to completing it. Anyone who wants to keep up with the project as I write it will be able to do so by reading bits at a time, and anyone who just wants to read the final product and not bother with its production can wait for that. The only possible intended audience for this treatise is xenofem.me and its adjacent circles, so updates to this website will be reliably posted there on my account. The gradual process of writing should serve both as an accountability mechanism, such that you see the work as it goes on, and a chance for any interested party to influence its ultimate direction.