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NUMOTECHNICS is an archival project dedicated to recovering and displaying materials pertaining to the False Nuns. The exact nature of the False Nuns is difficult to convey to an uninformed reader. However, on a basic level, they are known to have assembled a considerable archive of Lemurian materials, as well as to have communicated with Lemurian groups apparently before their founding, after their dissolution, or without their existence at any point. Consequently, they make reference to seemingly unrelated groups and individuals, including the Cthulhu Club, Akkoaic Temple, Rift's Inputs, Cult of Love, Ccru, August Barrow, Nia Veil, and Echidna Stillwell.

The material on NUMOTECHNICS, published as it becomes available, does and shall pertain to the numogam and lemurs, as well as to related topics such as gematria, zygotriadics, and qwernomics. In general, the canonical texts of the F.N. will appear on the COVE page, encyclopedic profiles produced by the F.N. on the CAIRN page, and liturgical materials used by the F.N. on the CHAPEL page.

NUMOTECHNICS is not a comprehensive repository of F.N. content, which is scattered over a number of locations (attributed or unattributed). Moreover, it is known to contain certain information which was discovered, in retrospect, to be wholly or partially counterfeit. In the interests of disclosure, such pages are listed in the ARCHIVE, though NUMOTECHNICS cannot and does not vouch for their authenticity.

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