Books of Names

Compiled by Lillian Patch
With thanks to Nine, Utz, Mire

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Aug Lao Gha (Aaha Ahae Ahaa, Olly, Ailor, Mhemp, Lurgo, Gleiaoung).

Mesh-00. Sakn-3. Net-10. Ana-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Clubs [XC 465/1200].

A Bridal Maiden. Appeases Stagnantness. Excuss & Exceed. Ol' Elogy.

Hylia, Turkey, Screamer. Qwy, Ejlz & Lm.

First and Fourth Cipher. Within the Garden: Third Cherry, Fourth Carob, Fifth Pear.

Door of Zone-1 (Zeroth Click; Alleluia).

Path-1. Original Subtraction (#01). 1890. Black Joker.

Ydta Adad Edda (Abam Amae Aspa, Itty, Cydul, A'a, Duoddod, Dteiaoung).

Mesh-01. Sakn-5. Net-20. Ana-2. Esc-3/5. Eight of Clubs [XL 789/1209].

Studious Finder. Calx Axles. Tidehead. Deity Outed, Edited Iota.

Hoopoe, Reedhaunter, Tinkerbird. Lx, Dhjlv & Qrtux.

Within the Garden: Second Tomato, Second Dateplum, Fourth Thimbleberry, Fourth Cranberry, Fifth Watermelon, Fifth Apple.

Door of Zone-2 (First Click; Today).

Path-1. Abysmal Regression (#02). 271890. Black Joker.

Path-2. Abysmal Balance (#03+1). 27541890. Black Joker.

Dyt Lae Gyl (Tyil, Lulu, Kalul, Doogu, Dtgl).

Mesh-02. Sakn-6. Net-21. Ana-3. Esc-2/4. One of Hearts [ED 482/517].

Fishes-Meeter. Étoile. Haloed Goetia. Regenerated Twin.

Sunbeam, Megapode. Ghjz & Fghlx.

Direct Shadow of the Surge. Sixth Cipher. About the Garden: First Tomato, Third Thimbleberry, Third Cranberry, Fourth Watermelon, Fourth Apple.

Surge of Zone-3 (Renounced Height).

Path-1. Original Breath (#04). 1872. Cardinal. Red Joker.

Path-2. Original Regression (#05). 271. Clubs. Ana-1.

Path-3. Original Balance (#06+1). 27541. Clubs. Ana-1.

Oxaxu Zaxyz Ozoxo (Ezh, Ka, Suvoy, Byzyx, Yix, Ixix, Zxeiaoung).

Mesh-03. Sakn-9. Net-30. Ana-3. Esc-6/8. Queen of Clubs [[XO 897/1212]].

Postmistress (Godspeed). Clownheal, Comedones. Infinite Capsize.

Limpkin, Xenops, Baza. Qwz & Afjm.

Second Cipher. Upon the Tree: Third Sabal, Fourth Orange, Fourth Plum, Fifth Abiu, Seventh Nannyberry.

Door of Zone-3 (Second Click; Uzza-Hex).

Path-X. Terminal Flight (#??). Mistreated Clubs. Ana-3.

Hox Yzy Gol (Zhul, Zuzu, Okluz, Ixigool, Zxgl).

Mesh-04. Sakn-10. Net-31. Ana-4. Esc-4/5. Four of Hearts [ND 491/841].

Enigma Bearer. Undead. Auloi Lazuli. Zoogloeal Eulogy.

Towhee, Grandala, Sanderling. Fhjlv, Ehm, & Dghjklv

Within the Garden: Third Peach.

Possession of Zone-4 (A Helix in a Hexyl).

Path-1. Progressive Levitation (#07). 18723. Hearts. Ana-3.

Path-2. Tidal Maturation (#08+1). 1872563. Diamonds. Cth-4.

Udz Xad Tau (Dzuz, Ozou, Azoft, Ixidod, Zxdt).

Mesh-05. Sakn-12. Net-32. Ana-5. Esc-8/5. Five of Hearts [NM 815/850].

Puppeteer. Deadheaded Daze. Primordial Ooze (Daytide). Upwardness.

Pratincole. Ad.

Second Haunt. About the Garden: First Cherry, Second Carob, Third Pear.

Possession of Zone-5 (Unminimizing & Unmooring; Mnemotechnic).

Path-1. Sudden Flight (#09). 23. Hearts. Ana-5.

Path-2. Preserving Coincidence (#10+1). 27563. Diamonds. Cth-4.

Aakka Akaka Akkak (Aka, Skeyg, Krako, Skreiaoung).

Mesh-06. Sakn-17. Net-40. Ana-4. Esc-5/6. Nine of Clubs [XU 1113/1218].

Lawbreaking Sorceress. Retroflux. Risk's Roses; Sky's Shore.

Palmcreeper. Qyz.

Within the Garden: Second Fig, Fourth Lime.

Door of Zone-4 (Third Click; Insantaneous Throe).

Path-1. Abysmal Subsidence (#11). 41890. Clubs. Ana-4.

Path-2. Abysmal Cataclysm (#12). 451890. Black Joker.

Kalg Usug Rakk (Slyl, Susi, Skiss, Sukugool, Skrgl).

Mesh-07. Sakn-18. Net-41. Ana-5. Esc-6/2. Three of Clubs [FU 570/1095].

Meddling Fairy. Shaky Age. Unsuffused Carfuffling. Bodefulness.

Harrier. Aghjkm, Eisz & Ehjlx.

Direct Body of the Sink. Fourth Haunt. About the Garden: First Cranberry, Second Watermelon, Second Apple.

Immaculate of Zone-5 (Sarsars, Bearing the Name).

Path-1. Suspended Maturation (#13) 187254. Red Joker.

Path-2. Original Subsidence (#14). 41. Clubs. Ana-5.

Path-3. Original Cataclysm (#15). 451. Cardinal. Clubs. Ana-1.

Seka Tyor Suda (Otyr, Kuldu, Skoodu, Skrdt).

Mesh-08. Sakn-20. Net-42. Ana-6. Esc-6/8. Two of Hearts [EM 526/806].

Dishwasher. Starstruck Position. Disasterous to Desire. Convergement.

Tyrannulet, Streamertail. Em, Qrsx & Efghlv.

Direct Shadow of the Hold. About the Tree: First Orange, Second Abiu, Fourth Nannyberry.

Hold of Zone-6 (Direst Shores: Test of Time).

Path-1. Preserving Subsidence (#16). 2754. Cardinal. Red Joker.

Path-2. Swift Breath (#17). 41872. Clubs. Ana-4.

Path-3. Slow Breath (#18). 451872. Black Joker.

Sker Asyx Ozyz (Xasrusyx, Xa, Cid, Skarkix, Skrzx).

Mesh-09. Sakn-24. Net-43. Ana-7. Esc-4/6. Six of Clubs [OU 894/1104].

Worshipped Hag. Exosseous, Parthenogenous. Ashes & Hours.

Sunbittern, Bronzewing. Ax, Afghkl & Eghl.

About the Garden: First Dragonfruit, Second Guava, Second Kumquat.

Possession of Zone-7 (Reassures/Shrieks, Oozes/Sears).

Path-1. Transcendent Resurgence (#19). 418723. Clubs. Ana-7 (Uppermost).

Path-2. Alien Intervention (#20+1). 41872563. Black Joker.

Path-3. Supreme Cataclysm (#21). 4518723. Clubs. Ana-3.

Path-4. Alien Subsidence (#22+1). 4563. Black Joker.

Kkakk Khekk Kkekk (Ku, Saep, Tokhatto, Ktteiaoung).

Mesh-10. Sakn-33. Net-50. Cth-4. Esc-9/6. Nine of Spades [ZS 1043/1288].

Madam Glim. Holy of Holies (Spae-Craft and Mesmerization). The Tooth-Yoke.

Brushrunner, Owl, Tūī. Fz & Dgl.

About the Garden: Second Cherry, Third Carob, Fourth Pear.

Door of Zone-5 (Fourth Click; Apse of Poppies).

Path-1. Attaining Subtraction (#23+1). 541890. Black Joker.

Tlylu Tlagt Kyaya (Kal, Ekluk, Tukkamu, Kttgl).

Mesh-11. Sakn-34. Net-51. Cth-3. Esc-7/4. Three of Spades [HS 640/1025].

Bog Kid (Thalia). Otolite Alogy. The Telltale Tigella. Shatterer.

Alethe, Shrikebill. Ghjkx & Fhj.

Broken Body of the Sink. Fifth Cipher. Within the Garden.

Sink of Zone-6 (Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies).

Path-1. Upholding Maturation (#24). 18725. Diamonds. Cth-4.

Path-2. Original Instinct (#25+1). 541. Cardinal. Clubs. Ana-1.

Kiki Tikd Ytid (Adt, Eki, Misit, Kuttadid, Kuttaida, Kttdt).

Mesh-12. Sakn-36. Net-52. Cth-2. Esc-1/0. Two of Diamonds [GK 596/736].

Sea-Governess. Deaf Passerby. Hothead. Sufficientness.

ʻAkikiki, Gonolek. Gk, Ghj & Ehl.

Broken Body of the Hold. About the Garden: Second Thimbleberry.

Immaculate of Zone-7 (Backgrounds & Cherubim: The Gate of Heaven).

Path-1. Coiled Regression (#26). 275. Cardinal. Diamonds. Cth-4.

Path-2. Attaining Breath (#27+1). 541872. Black Joker.

Akao Zuzy Tzax (Toxiu, To, Zizis, Zi, Eced, Tikkitix, Kttskr).

Mesh-13. Sakn-40. Net-53. Cth-1. Esc-3/5. Six of Spades [QS 964/1034].

Tea-Mystic. Disqualifications (Idol-God, Heresy-Deities). Ataxite.

Roller, Redwing, Cardinal. Qs, El & Ahlz.

About the Garden: Second Peach.

Possession of Zone-8 (Tathata; Riddles and Scribbles).

Path-1. Attaining Comprehension (#28+1). 5418723. Clubs. Ana-3.

Path-2. Climbing Flight (#29+1). 563. Spades. Cth-4.

Kyt Kao Sor (Koa, Krown, Nal, Katak, Takka, Khattak, Nommo Titiyayne, Kttskr).

Mesh-14. Sakn-48. Net-54. Pitch Nul. Esc-0/1. Suit of Hearts, Red Joker.

Sparrowhawk. Seshat, Mad Hatter. Threat Rests. Riots, Hastes. Love-Grief.

Fantail, Wryneck, Umbrellabird. Qs, Ejl & Ehjlx.

Ninth Cipher. About the Garden: First Watermelon.

Falling Syzygy (Striae Trios, Terais Aseethe).

Path-0. Coiled Cataclysm (#30). Joker.

Path-1. Upholding Resurgence (#31). 418725. Red Joker.

Chaha Achyh Ahyoh (Oco, Fol, Tchanul, Tchu, Tcheiaoung).

Mesh-15. Sakn-65. Net-60. Cth-3. Esc-6/3. Queen of Spades [[ZQ 971/1286]].

The Ill Dean. An Ichthyotic Coo. Intercalation. Sweuening Flo.

Auk, Chuck-Will's-Widow. Bm.

Third Cipher. Within the Garden: Second Pineapple.

Door of Zone-6 (Fifth Click; Eyeteeth City).

Path-X. Terminal Elevation (#??). Exhausted Spades. Cth-3.

Dja Gol Ayd (Cail, Jitog, Djungo, Tchgl).

Mesh-16. Sakn-66. Net-61. Cth-2. Esc-8/4. Four of Diamonds [PB 421/911].

Gale Wanderer. Chaotical Acuity. Higgle-Haggle. Algalia.

Kingfisher, Oxpecker. Eijkz.

Without the Garden.

Captivation of Zone-7 (Tachytelic Locality; The Hectical Coil).

Path-1. Original Escalation (#32+1). 187236. Red Joker.

Path-2. Jagged Maturation (#33). 187256. Diamonds. Cth-7 (Lowermost).

Out Dju Diu (Jet, Jax, Djuddha, Tchdt).

Mesh-17. Sakn-68. Net-62. Cth-1. Esc-5/7. Five of Diamonds [PK 745/920].

Experimenter. Skipkennel. The Eidetic Idea. Lettered Guile.

Treeswift, Buzzard, Illadopsis. Dgx, Aghjlx & Afjklv.

About the Garden: Second Lime.

Captivation of Zone-8 (Octode, Ekphory).

Path-1. Sudden Capture (#34+1). 236. Hearts. Ana-2.

Path-2. Climbing Regression (#35). 2756. Diamonds. Cth-7 (Lowermost).

Dyja Ojyx Yxiz (Cix, Ux, Xu, Djynxx, Tchzx).

Mesh-18. Sakn-72. Net-63. Pitch Nul. Esc-6/8. Suit of Clubs.

Half Ace. Roc. Hermaphroditish. Overcorrection. Miscalculation's Maid

Jay, Inca. Djv & Klm.

Eighth Cipher. Sixth and Third Haunt. Within the Garden.

Twin Syzygy (Symptom of Time: Each Other Zone Folded).

Path-0. Flight of Coincidence (#36+2). Joker.

Djas Oaka Heyr (Jir, Eku, Bafs, Tchakki, Tchskr).

Mesh-19. Sakn-80. Net-64. Ana-1. Esc-3/5. Six of Hearts [NV 859/1139].

Eden Enthusiast. Rosy Years. Poison Tree. Hex-Seamstresses.

Woodcreeper. Djl & Eghlv.

About the Tree: First Nannyberry.

Captivation of Zone-1 (Adinvention, Seeks Causes).

Path-1. Indirect Subsidence (#37+1). 4187236. Hearts. Ana-4.

Path-2. Split Interference (#38). 4187256. Diamonds. Cth-3.

Path-3. Slow Escalation (#39+1). 45187236. Red Joker.

Path-4. Climbing Subsidence (#40). 456. Diamonds. Cth-3.

Ida Djo Tik (Cjek, Kiha, Fiam, Tchattuk, Djatka, Tchktt).

Mesh-20. Sakn-96. Net-65. Cth-7. Esc-4/6. Six of Diamonds [PT 929/1069].

Able Imp. Hue-Hook. Saltpan. Myght Sodenly Haue Fall to Nought.

Nightingale-Thrush, Ibisbill, Wrybill. Adx & Egz.

Fifth Haunt. About the Garden: First Dateplum.

Captivation of Zone-2 (Photosculpture: It Is All Þat Is Made).

Path-1. Final Escape (#41+2). 54187236. Red Joker.

Path-2. Coiled Elevation (#42). 56. Diamonds. Cth-7 (Lowermost).

Paaba Apeba Aabaa (Appa, Hamab, Oleb, Puppo, Pbeiaoung)

Mesh-21. Sakn-129. Net-70. Cth-2. Esc-7/3. Eight of Spades [ZJ 719/1279].

Coy Vamp. Pupa Pope. You Oozoa; Ouze Joie.

Sharpbill. Jz & Efhkm.

About the Garden: Second Cranberry, Third Watermelon, Third Apple.

Door of Zone-7 (Sixth Click; Bamah).

Path-1. Deep Mirroring (#43). 71890. Spades. Cth-2.

Path-2. Abysmal Animation (#44+1). 72541890. Black Joker.

Pob Gyl Pei (Pebl, Sybig, Bubbamu, Pbgl).

Mesh-22. Sakn-130. Net-71. Cth-1. Esc-5/7. One of Diamonds [GB 412/587].

Queen Foam. Bigeye. Algae Pupillage. Bulby Bubbly Eyeball.

Firetail & Sabrewing. Fghn, Gkz & Dfghkln.

Broken Body of the Surge. Seventh Haunt. About the Garden: Third Lime.

Immaculate of Zone-8 (Bluegill Guile).

Path-1. Original Revival (#45). 187. Cardinal. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Path-2. Original Anomalies (#46). 71. Spades. Cth-1.

Path-3. Attaining Imbalance (#47+1). 72541. Clubs. Ana-1.

Ebb Pyd Tao (Poda, Pibi, Pyd, Odz, Odba, Oddubb, Dobo, Nommo Die, Pbdt).

Mesh-23. Sakn-132. Net-72. Pitch Nul. Esc-9/6. Suit of Diamonds.

Amorphous Diva. Aria Aurorae. Pitied Apatite. Anger-Love.

Berryeater, Flowerpiercer, Rushbird, Neopipo. Ijz.

About the Garden: Second Pear.

Rising Syzygy (Woodlark Glamour, Peacock Wings).

Path-0. Sudden Imbalance (#48). Joker.

Pux Ezo Xub (Zhab, Zoe, Lahp, Pabzix, Pabbakis, Pbzx)

Mesh-24. Sakn-136. Net-73. Ana-1. Esc-5/7. Five of Clubs [OL 780/885].

Mix Mare. Bubba Zephyrous; Obo Più. Bayou Epizoa.

Thrush-Babbler & Spatuletail. Ehx & Dfghkz.

About the Tree: Third Nannyberry.

Possession of Zone-1 (2nd Decademon; Aux Éole, Overprolixity).

Path-1. Transcendent Anomalies (#49). 723. Clubs. Ana-3.

Path-2. Alien Imbalance (#50+1). 72563. Spades. Cth-4.

Opeb Akko Osri (Ibri, Akko, Ekim, Ababbatok, Pbkskr).

Mesh-25. Sakn-144. Net-74. Ana-2. Esc-1/0. Two of Clubs [FL 561/771].

Queenly Poltergeist; Holly of Hollies. Revivalist; Shipwright; Naiad.

Stone-Curlew & Turnstone. Fl, Adfg & Ghjm.

Broken Shadow of the Hold. About the Garden: First Thimbleberry.

Immaculate of Zone-2 (Floes and Groundwater).

Path-1. Swift Revival (#51). 4187. Hearts. Ana-2.

Path-2. Slow Revival (#52). 45187. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Path-3. Suspended Anomalies (#53). 7254. Cardinal. Black Joker.

Byo Puk Ytu (Kup, Aftab, Pataku, Paptakoo, Pbktt).

Mesh-26. Sakn-160. Net-75. Cth-6. Esc-6/8. Two of Spades [HJ 631/701].

Boded Waif. Blutwurst Pie. Poppet-It Martyrship. Ja Haj.

Huia, Babax & Duck. Hj, Ekn & Ghjn.

Direct Body of the Hold. About the Garden: First Lime.

Hold of Zone-3 (Burstwort).

Path-1. Coiled Resurgence (#54+1). 54187. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Path-2. Upholding Anomalies (#55) 725. Cardinal. Spades. Cth-4.

Ujup Ajyd Baup (Piej, Poi, Pehk, Bobobja, Pbtch).

Mesh-27. Sakn-192. Net-76. Cth-5. Esc-8/5. Five of Spades [QJ 710/955].

Babel Nun. The Popup Itch. Ichthyophobia. Echea Echo.

Ibon & Spiderhunter. Hjv & Klz.

About the Garden: First Pear.

Captivation of Zone-4 (Quadratojugal Conjointness).

Path-1. Absolute Anomalies (#56+1). 7236. Black Joker.

Path-2. Climbing Imbalance (#57). 7256. Spades. Cth-7 (Lowermost).

Mhaem Aamae Ahema (Mimi, Aqban, Akkak, Minommo, Mnmeiaoung).

Mesh-28. Sakn-257. Net-80. Cth-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Spades [ZA 395/1270]

Sea's Image. Aion Ennomania; Annonominy. Aye Zoa Zoeae.

Kea & Ōma'o. Az, Dfhz & Adfgkln.

About the Tree: First Sabal, Second Plum, Second Orange, Third Abiu, Fifth Nannyberry.

Door of Zone-8 (Seventh Click; Qanat Numina).

Path-1. Terminal Undertow (#58). 890. Spades. Cth-1.

Nim Mog Gli (Yuln, Ulu, Chall, Zom, Mur[ru]mur, Murmu, Nommo Ogo, Mnmgl).

Mesh-29. Sakn-258. Net-81. Pitch Nul. Esc-7/9. Suit of Spades.

Witch-Child. Murmurous Bemurmurur. Nanmu. Luring Millenium. Grief-Anger. I.

Ptarmigan, Emutail. Adfkn & Aj.

Within the Garden.

Lesser Syzygy (Lolling Gule, Aurure Purpresture; Annum Alalia).

Path-0. Awakening Submergence (#59). Joker.

Umun Emom Utdu (Midt, Edda, Vydim, Nammamad, Mnmdt).

Mesh-30. Sakn-260. Net-82. Ana-1. Esc-5/7. One of Clubs [FC 447/552].

Necromancer. Metate Mediation. Auf Acacia.

Dapplethroat, Fireback, Flicker. Eos & Df.

Broken Shadow of the Surge. Seventh Cipher. About the Tree: Second Sabal, Third Plum, Third Orange, Fourth Abiu, Sixth Nannyberry.

Immaculate of Zone-1 (3rd Decademon: Tinny Additament, Tatami).

Path-1. Sudden Mirroring (#60). 2718. Red Joker.

Path-2. Progressive Balance (#61+1). 275418. Red Joker.

Path-3. Awakening Imbalance (#62). 8172. Cardinal. Black Joker.

Myzy Miax Ozin (Amix, Modo, Mummumix, Mnmzx).

Mesh-31. Sakn-264. Net-83. Ana-2. Esc-8/4. Four of Clubs [OC 456/876].

Omen/Doom Seer. Free Mania. Unbearable Reducer. Cure of Its Times. Lucifer.

Crake, Cowbird, Francolin. Adfgjkln & Eop.

Within the Garden.

Possession of Zone-2 (Grim Luck; Time of Death).

Path-1. Transcendent Evacuation (#63). 81723. Clubs. Ana-3.

Path-2. Tidal Evacuation (#64+1). 8172563. Spades. Cth-4.

Min Mys Kyr (Osma, Anix, Numko, Mnmskr).

Mesh-32. Sakn-272. Net-84. Ana-3. Esc-7/4. Three of Hearts [EV 535/1130].

Wild Angel. Pathspieler. Overglad Mummers. Eerier Incursions.

Treerunner, Hornero, Sunangel. Ev & Hkz.

Broken Shadow of the Sink. About the Garden: First Carob.

Sink of Zone-3 (Eventime Aquiver; Why Does the O'o Sing No More?).

Path-1. Swift Submergence (#65). 418. Hearts. Ana-4.

Path-2. Slow Submergence (#66). 4518. Cardinal. Red Joker.

Path-3. Suspended Evacuation (#67). 817254. Black Joker.

Kinot Tytym Tytyu (Niko, Mekt, Manta, Muntuk, Mnmktt).

Mesh-33. Sakn-288. Net-85. Cth-5. Esc-6/2. Three of Diamonds [GT 605/1060].

Old Bane. Demiworld. Guttate Gaut. A Moan, A Moat.

Mannikin, Goldcrest. Qw & Erty.

Direct Shadow of the Sink. About the Garden: First Pineapple.

Immaculate of Zone-4 (Hunt & Amate).

Path-1. Progressive Instinct (#68+1). 5418. Cardinal. Red Joker.

Path-2. Upholding Evacuation (#69). 81725. Spades. Cth-4.

Dja Yem Nin (Jayn, Jojo, Jaexa, Mommoljo, Mnmtch).

Mesh-34. Sakn-320. Net-86. Cth-4. Esc-4/5. Four of Spades [QA 386/946].

Wind Mom. Monomania + Demonomanie. Paraquat Paraquet. Life in the Muonium.

Canvasback, Nuthatch. Ejz & Adfhjlz.

About the Garden: First Kumquat.

Captivation of Zone-5 (Dream Awake; June Coma).

Path-1. Absolute Evacuation (#70+1). 817236. Black Joker.

Path-2. Climbing Vortex (#71). 817256. Spades. Cth-7 (Lowermost).

Nim Mon Pib (Puma, Nyab, Mombbo, Mnmpb).

Mesh-35. Sakn-384. Net-87. Cth-3. Esc-2/4. One of Spades [HA 377/622].

Wave-Fish. Amoebian Neuma. A Spade to Hone. Eerie Lass. Algal Magic. That.

Visorbearer, Lark, Spinetail. Ah, Etz & Adfjn.

Direct Body of the Surge. About the Garden: First Peach.

Surge of Zone-6 (Obsessing to Un-Be; the Agar Limit).

Path-1. Larval Submergence (#72). 718. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Path-2. Profound Submergence (#73+1). 725418. Red Joker.

Path-3. Awakening Anomalies (#74). 817. Cardinal. Spades. Cth-2.

Tanio Tonia Eotia Tonai Tinao Eitao Tinoa Tanoi Eatoi,

Eitoa Tanoi Tinoa Eotai Tinao Tonai Eatio Tonia Tanio,

(Nennennen, Itte, Cudle, Nuth, iiIii, Onet, Rimn, Uttunul, Tneiaoung).

Mesh-36. Sakn-513. Net-90. Pitch Nul. Esc-5/7. Black Joker.

Love-Pawn. Tone-Eaten. Ennate Indomitability. Sant Nicht, Mad Dam. An Ark.

Cutia, Vanga, Besra [Sparrowhawk]. Qtz, Adfkn & Efglx.

Zeroth Cipher. Within the Garden: Second Dragonfruit, Third Guava, Third Kumquat.

Door & Hinge of Zone-9 (Eighth Click; Peleg).

Greater Syzygy (Lif Dei; And God / Is God).

Path-0. Seething Nullity (#75). Joker.

Nit Teg Gol (Ying, Myjyr, Tutagool, Tngl).

Mesh-37. Sakn-514. Net-91. Ana-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Hearts [WD 500/1165]

Hexed Summoner. Litholung. Wooded Ooid.

Curlew, Adjutant, Sheldgoose. Adfkm, Ejm & Esv.

About the Tree: Second Nannyberry.

Hinge of Zone-1 (Laithe; Metalwork & Featherstitching).

Path-1. Original Undertow (#76). 189. Red Joker.

Tut Nun Tud (Tanu, T, Dradt, Unnunddo, Tndt).

Mesh-38. Sakn-516. Net-92. Ana-2. Esc-7/3. Eight of Hearts [WM 824/1174].

Wise Innovator. Untotted Ennui. Past Mischief. Renunciant. Meow.

Laughingthrush, Thornbill, Loon. Ef.

Within the Garden.

Hinge of Zone-2 (Unravelling Will; Out-Add).

Path-1. Chthonic Regression (#77). 27189. Red Joker.

Path-2. Preserving Slippage (#78+1). 2754189. Red Joker.

Xonz Utao Zanx (Zhin, Oyz, Gevei, Ezoraj, Dapir, Ununuttix, Tnzx).

Mesh-39. Sakn-520. Net-93. Ana-3. Esc-6/3. Queen of Hearts [[WN 860/1175]].

Moon Thief. Postmortuary Smog. Ebbing and Sidestepping. Deorsumvergence

Swan, Tern. Qy.

Without the Garden.

Hinge of Zone-3 (Overfactitious Inadmissability; At Tinnient 'Neath).

Path-X. Seething Flight (#??). Shattered Hearts. Ana-3.

Iyit Enur Skor (Tens, Rayn, Udul, Ununak, Tnmnm).

Mesh-40. Sakn-528. Net-94. Ana-4. Esc-9/6. Nine of Hearts [WV 1148/1183]

Rune Clone. Titi Susurruses. Overwhelmed Overshadower.

Shrike-Babbler, Jery. Hx.

About the Garden: First Fig.

Hinge of Zone-4 (Overflower, Oversow).

Path-1. Swift Undertow (#79). 4189. Hearts. Ana-4.

Path-2. Chthonic Cataclysm (#80). 45189. Red Joker.

Tonuk Kuhia Nutun (Kat, Woof, Tukutu, Tnktt).

Mesh-41. Sakn-544. Net-95. Cth-4. Esc-5/6. Nine of Diamonds [YT 1078/1253]

Tic-Menace. Inky Konia. Nondefinitiveness; Fraud. Yeti (Yet I...)

Mango, Crow, Rook. Ty, Glm & Hkm.

About the Garden: First Apple.

Hinge of Zone-5 (Ichthyophagian Hithe).

Path-1. Chthonic Instinct (#81+1). 54189. Red Joker.

Tanyn Yatda Tijoy (Jitu, Demit, Unnutchi, Tntch).

Mesh-42. Sakn-576. Net-96. Cth-3. Esc-6/8. Queen of Diamonds [[YP 934/1249]].

Miss Limbo. One Word to the Name; The Ninety Holy Keys.

Knot, Chilia. Ahkm & Ers.

About the Tree: First Abiu.

Hinge of Zone-6 (Tympanotemporal: The Autunite Tune).

Path-1. Seething Elevation (#??). Thrashed Diamonds. Cth-3.

Tunyn Abhut Phyup (Pett, Zhol, Nuttubab, Tnpb).

Mesh-43. Sakn-640. Net-97. Cth-2. Esc-3/5. Eight of Diamonds [YK 754/1244].

Echoic Dryad. Utopian Non-Entity. Thermoluminescent Theanthroposophy.

Koel, Hobby. Adfjm.

About the Garden: First Guava.

Hinge of Zone-7 (Appetite-Intuition, Quicksilvery Kyte).

Path-1. Chthonic Anomalies (#82). 7189. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Path-2. Buried Imbalance (#83+1). 7254189. Red Joker.

Totyn Ammya Mynum (Tome, Therb, Ummnu, Tnmnm).

Mesh-44. Sakn-768. Net-98. Cth-1. Esc-4/6. Seven of Diamonds [YB 430/1235].

Hidden Host. Azoch-Algor. By the Question of the Hour. Hyena.

Myna. Adfkv & Ghlz.

Eighth Haunt. About the Tree: First Plum.

Hinge of Zone-8 (Abraded Berth; Absolute Limit of Writhing).

Path-1. Seething Submergence (#84). 89. Diamonds. Cth-1.