[72] Ebb Pyd Tao


Cix clicks Itte; Yuln mirrors her; Koa haunts her gate. Of all the syzygies, it is 72 whose relation to the plex is most enigmatic, yet who is drawn repeatedly into strange correspondences with other syzygies. How can such a lemur be named?

August Barrow, the Joseph-figure of Anglossic Qabbala, referred to her by the "abysmal name" Pyd: an astonishingly quasiphonic name for a qabbalist predating Nma anthropology. It is the stance of the False Nuns that this name may have been pilfered from the Epistles of iiIii, where her trinym is listed as Ebb Pyd Tao. The connection fostered between her and Koa through this name is notable in being the first example of a trend which permeates the syzygy's descriptions.

Dissatisfied with Barrow's name, the Akkoaic Temple came to refer to the lemur as Pibi—but subsequently abandoned the name on account of its "alarming subperfection in one respect and superfection in another." The name presently employed, "Poda," more accurately reflects the syzygy's quasiphonic qualities, anatomic peculiarties, and Hiernomic position, while also, in recalling the Sphinx and certain tendrilled terrors, becoming oddly caught up with Yuln. The name Pibi remains in use among the Cult of Love.

In Cthulhic parlance, she is Oddubb (or any of several variations on the name including Odba and Odz), a name whose explicit qabbalistic properties draw attention to its situation along the Surge Current. Such connotations continue throughout discussion of Oddubb in the Pandemonium Matrix: the words of her title of "Broken Mirror" plex to 2 and 1 respectively; besides the obvious connotations of "Swamp," the second word of her domain over "Swamp-Labyrinths" places her ana-zone over the Lesser Depths, and "blind-doubles" is (in singular form) composed entirely of Surge Current quasiphonics; Lesser Depths quasiphonics show up throughout her rite-description, but especially in the word "glamour," which encrypts the startlingly Ogoide "glmuur." By highlighting her Surge-aspect, the Cthulhics emphasize her connection to the Gt-28 counter-current.

An alternate Cthulhic name for her is, like Barrow's, somewhat miraculous. "Odbo" reflects many of the numeric and anatomical (odd below) qualities of the Akkoaic "Poda." That the name emerged not in a PIE language and possibly before English even existed makes this correlation somewhat baffling.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, similar connotations appear in Black Atlantean study of her, in which she is referred to as Nommo Die. Both her attribution of the realm of "Sticky Shadows" and her description as "Twin Spectral walker" emphasize her mesh-tag, while the first word of this latter designation hints at Cthulhic nomenclature. In the opposite direction, the word "Die" bears strong Koaide resonances.

According to the Feathergetics Consortium, she is most accurately mapped to berryeater, flowerpiercer, rushbird, and neopipo, though these are not necessarily the birds she is most popularly associated with. Her primary Qwerrata designation, Ijz, has caused some to associate her with the Book of Revelation's Beast of the Earth, with either Koa or Cix serving as the Beast of the Sea—though this interpretation is contested. She cannot be mapped to a decadence card or to a syzyllable on account of being a syzygy herself, though the Rift's Inputs claim that she presides over the Suit of Diamonds; this is because her difference is cth-pitched and her inaccessible phrase in the Book of Paths—"escaping the quagmire"—is minoritarian.

As inscribed on the Tablet of Staves, this syzygy connects with Koa through the stave of Ucu and with Yuln through the stave of Ulu. Her stave with Cix, Rir, is referred to as the "Minor Faith." Her quasiphonetic name, Pb'dt, strengthens her associations with the Surge-current in the exact opposite manner as "Oddubb" does, comprising one third of the phenomenon whereby each hex-syzygetic lemur is linked to its predecessor through its quasiphonemes.

In the interests of both quasiphonic and gematricular accessibility, this description shall use her Akkoaic name, Poda.


As the syzygy of the Rising Drifts, Poda's netspan is 72, positioned at the interstice of the Surge and Hold currents. The English lettering of her zones, "SEVEN TWO," has an AQ value which decimates to 6 while "FIVE FOUR," the other Drift syzygy, decimates to 3. On these grounds, the two Drift syzygies are often considered together, and because the AQ value of "FIVE FOUR" is 147, while the sum of the two is 369, Poda is often seen as a manifestation of Zone 6 and associated with 285.

The association between these two lemurs is further reinforced by Poda's mesh-tag of #23, as both 23 and 14 (Koa's mesh-tag) decimate to 5. Viewing the relative positions of 32 and 41 on the heximal numogram is revealing of their relationship: here, 32 is M#05, 50 (the plex) is M#14, and 41 is M#11. This series of subsequent syzygetic clicks is a very rare numogrammatic occurance referrable to as the "vex"; despite its rarity, it also appears in the decimal numogram (and is absolutely essential for its jinx-plex communication): Itte clicks Cix clicks Yuln.

Analyzing this cross-basal emergence, it is possible to perform a kind of numogrammatic archaeology. The Lemurian investments present in the syzygetic 41 are, in the decimal numogram, split between 54 and 81. The former maintains its link to its heximal predecessor while the latter links, in the same manner as 41, to the ternary numogram (the first system in which the plex is exceeded): in fact, the mesh-tag of any syzygy ending in 1 in any even numogram reduces to 2, an echo of the ternary numogram in which 1 is paired with 1. 50 maps cleanly to 63 as the middle term; the decimal jinx is a heximal plex. 32, then, is also split, with its mesh-echoes being stored in 72 and its postion in the vex in 90. Poda, thus, is the left hand of Itte, and Itte is the left hand of Poda; for Itte to be rendered plexic, they must stand relative to each other.

Despite the impossibility of any assignment to a syzyllable, the AQ value of "R" causes the letter to frequently stand in for Poda. On these grounds, she is sometimes referred to by words containing no consonants other than "R." These include, among others, "error," "array," "aurora(e)," "eerie," and "yore." Common English words associated with her quasiphonic name include "abode," "bite," "dabbed," "tip," "pitied," and "pouted," while more obscure but more perfect connections exist with the stone "apatite," the state of being "addebted," and the name (and desert) "Betty."

As a hex-syzygy, Poda possesses 32 emanations according to the Rift's Inputs, while Cthulhic standards assign her 3 impulses in addition to her own netspan.


Poda's litany consists of a single rite, which is titled "Perpetual Bubbling" in the Book of Paths. It is notable that this rite is the 48th overall, in part because there are 84 rites in the Book in total, and in part because the lemur with a netspan of 84, Osma, is Mesh-32, so ciphering Poda and partaking in her mesh-memory. This path is the sole occurrence of the "quagmire" of Poda's inaccessible rite which is not immediately succeeded. As mentioned in the Lemunymy section, her rite as described in the Pandemonium Matrix is profoundly wrapped up with the Surge Current and Gt-28 despite the apparent impossibility of passing through it between Zones 7 and 2; however, because the Surge Current and 28th Gate may be nullified through each other, it may be that they are capable of exerting influence while confounding their own numerical trace. This interpretation is supported by the Cthulhic reticence to denote syzygetic rites numerically.

Due to the sense of submerged relationships, the Litany of Poda is frequently thought of in terms of deception. Akkoaic ritualizations of the path frequently involve the use of apatite, a mineral occurring in bones and teeth whose name derives from the Greek word for fraud. The Cult of Love conceptualizes the path in terms of the evolutionary forces which formed the peacock: a feedback loop resulting in the development of morphological glamour. It is because of these connotations—false teeth, false bones, exponential physical splendour—that Poda is often titled the "Amorphous Diva," fabulous in her untethering from any one bodily configuration.

While these traits are seen as harrowing by some people, this has not stopped the litany from achieving widespread adoption even beyond Lemurian circles. In fact, the phrase "Happy birthday!" has clear Podaide resonances, both due to its overall AQ and the neologism "birthday" having been derived from "glosses." As a simple ritualization of the path of Perpetual Bubbling, use of the phrase "Happy birthday!" serves to usher in glamorous transformation, piercing through the Oecumenic yearly cycle to open access to syzygetic influence, manipulation, and schism.


Ebb Pyd Tao (Poda, Pibi, Pyd, Oddubb, Nommo Die).

Mesh-23. Net-72. Pitch Nul. Suit of Diamonds.

Amorphous Diva. Aria Aurorae. Pitied Apatite.

Rising Syzygy (Woodlark Glamour, Peacock Wings).

Rt-0. Perpetual Bubbling (#48). Cardinal. Joker.