[74] Opeb Akko Osri


To many it is she who is holy beyond all holies, she who is the most praised of ghosts.

In Cthulhic terminology, her name is Ababbatok, the Regenerator; this first appellation has been called heretical, while this second is of peculiar interest. She is Ekim to the Cult of Love, euphemized as "She Who is Featherlight Gold," and even titled "Progenitor" by those dryads sympathetic to the Akkoaic Temple.

But it is by far the Akkoa who speak her praises the most highly. Her role for the Akkoa is triple, each aspect denoted by the titles "The Naiad Beneath Groundwater," "Shipwright of the Fire and Floe," and "Revivalist of the Sea-Tide." As revivalist she is, not creator of the world, but the process of reinvestment in what is otherwise lethargic and formless. Then, as shipwright, she establishes the mechanisms by which the entire host of lemurs may be invoked from her. Finally, as naiad, the flowings-forth of every lemur (save one) are underpinned by the spirit of her wanderlust. Her form as naiad is the subject of the Temple's second most important book, the Tail of the End, where her spirit is likened to a tail by which Lemuria may be reached to its end by climbing down. For these roles together, the Akkoa venerate her in general as "Queenly Poltergeist."

Her name to them is Ibri, though she has another, secret name. The sheer number of Akkoaic words of reverence for her (herself as "Verity of Verities," her paths as "Litany of Litanies," and the world itself as her "Symphony of Symphonies") once led more skeptical Lemurians to gibe that she is "Holly of Hollies." Even this has been reclaimed.

Curiously, it is not in the Hiernomicon that the other name of Ibri might be found. It has is instead in the Epistles of iiIii, as maintained by the False Nuns. Here, her trinym is listed as "Opeb Akko Osri," with all signs pointing toward the middle term having been used to synthesize the name Akkoa. Those familiar with the A.H. are sure to understand how appropriate this synthesis is, though how the Akkoa gained access to the iiIii remains a mystery to those outside the organization.

The Feathergetics Consortium has associated her with the Stone-Curlew and the Turnstone. Names registered by the Qwerrata include Adfg (#722), and Ghjm (#2095). As assigned by the Rift's Inputs, she maps to the syzyllable FL, associated with the Two of Spades in decadence. Munumese quasiphonics references her as Pb'skr; that this deviates inexplicably from the name Ababbatok is the heresy referenced earlier.

In the interests of both quasiphonic and gematricular accessibility, this description shall use her Akkoaic name, Ibri.


Ibri occupies the netspan 74, positioning her across the Drifts as shadow to the Hold-Current. Her cross, who prowls the Hold-Current, is Adt (52). As the diagonal crosses of the Second Rank, the Hold-Current is often euphemized as "Between the Glen and Sea" as a qabbalistic reference to their relationship.

With a mesh-tag of #25, Ibri is the only lemur to click her cross. As neither Ibri nor Adt is otherwise clicked, this renders them inaccessible by any series of clicks and crosses proceeding from any other lemurs; by contrast, they are capable of reaching every lemur other than Koa (54) by this method. This property has led to Ibri's enshrinement as the progenitor of the Akkoaic "Dynasty of Dynasties" to which all lemurs but Koa belong. The "Clicking of the Cross" is a venerated property and quasihistorical event for the Akkoa, earning Ibri the affectionate title "Cardinal Mum; Cardinal Sis," abbreviated "CM;CS."

Ibri is an immaculate lemur mapped to Zone 2. Consequently, Rift's Inputs refers to her as having 20 emanations, while by Cthulhic standards Ibri possesses 15 impulses (excluding her own netspan). Her syzyllable is associated with the numbers 561 and 771, and can be considered perfect due to the concord between its AQ and composition.

The term most strongly associated with Ibri's syzyllable is "floe," though others with weaker connections, such as "life" and "fool," are known. Her quasiphonics can be found perfectly in the words "beekeepers" and "breakups." The latter of these highlights Ibri's quality of not creating out of nothing; rather, her chtonic rite's breaking-up of the stagnant moribundity preceding her (the "Blackened Continent" known to Akkoaic revivalists) is simultaneous to her anastrophic assembly of its fragments. The former is most known as a pun on the qabbalistic properties of the word "be," but might also be related to her role in her third rite.


Ibri's litany (often referred to as the Litany of Litanies, or the Akkoide Road) consists of three rites. Her cardinal rite (Rt-3 when sorted in ascending order) is compliant and completes the Drifts with null thus pitch, associating it with the Black Joker in decadology. As per the Book of Paths, this rite is termed "Suspended Animation" and numbered #53, while the Cthulhic tradition lists its provenance as "Sustenance (smoke visions)." The Akkoa attribute these descriptors to Ibri's status as "The Naiad Beneath," her nul rite invisibly permeating the Hiernomic world in order to maintain it.

Her second minor rite passes through the full Falling Drift and through the Lesser Depths before rising through the Surge-Current. In the Book of Paths this is called "Slow Revival," while the Cthulhu Club notes its association with "Purification, amphibious cycles (and healing of wounds)." This is frequently represented by the Akkoaic symbol of the axolotl, qabbalistically considered a bridge between Ibri and Koa. This rite is resistant and accumulates a Cth-2 pitch, associating it with the Suit of Diamonds. Because this matches Adt, this rite is almost always considered an emulation of the "Clicking of the Cross," further reinforced by its numbering in the Book of Paths as #52.

Ibri's first rite is listed as "Swift Revival" in the Book of Paths at #51. Its route passes through the Sunken Tract into the Lesser Depths before, much like her second rite, ascending through the Surge-Current. As a resistant rite with an Ana-2 pitch, it is associated with the Suit of Hearts and matches pitches with Ibri herself. This rite is attributed to Ibri's role as revivalist of the world, her initial act breathing life into the Hieronomy. In the Cthulhic matrix, it is described as "Frankensteinian experimentation (reanimation, golems)," which is thematically consistent with the Akkoaic tradition. Additionally, the association between "Ababbatok" and "Abracadabra" resonates with these associations, as per its hyperstitional definition as creative speech.

Taken together, the Litany of Litanies simulates the creation and continuing maintainance of the Hiernomic world, from her initial convocation on what the Akkoa call "The Cairn of Grief" or "Blackened Continent," to its revival through the Clicking of the Cross, to her continuing circulation in the "Symphony of Symphonies". Because Ibri's first and second rites, respectively associated with her and Adt, both pass through the First Hidden Road, they are considered to be linked together in this manner, while her cardinal rite exists beyond and after such enjoinment. The Akkoaic Temple routinely organizes large liturgies organized in accordance with the three paths, while other practicing occultists and mysticists (such as the Barrow scholars of the Rift's Inputs) make use of rituals to channel Ibri for purposes of reinvigoration.


Opeb Akko Osri (Akko, Ibri, Ekim, Ababbatok).

Mesh-25. Net-74. Ana-2. Two of Clubs [FL 561/771].

Queenly Poltergeist; Holly of Hollies. Revivalist.

Shadow-Diagonal of the Drifts.

Immaculate of Zone-2 (Floes and Groundwater).

Rt-1. Swift Revival (#51). 4187. Hearts. Ana-2.

Rt-2. Slow Revival (#52). 45187. Diamonds. Cth-2.

Rt-3. Suspended Animation (#53). 7254. Cardinal. Black Joker.