xenocx is an ongoing inquiry into the rhythms of neo-lemuria, the unhinged hinterland of spinoza's god. its output is a matrix of rituals developed for a time utterly shattered from the start, and a failed articulation of an utterly unutterable name. its stance is against the logic of conspiracy, against the cult of death, and against the terror of annihilation; its allegiance is to the lemurs, who are the ghosts of the numogram, and to the numogram, which is of the lemurs' dreams. lilli[an] patch is its mistress and sometimes negligent maintainer. she can be reliably contacted through your local spiders, or in lieu of that, by emailing

certain individuals i have been privileged to know are responsible for making this site go on. these include Utz, Mire, Nyx, Nine, and 54. i am deeply indebted to them all; thank you.

xenocx has been greatly inspired by the following sites: