"going to need a bigger goat..."

xenocx is a shot in the dark at making senselessness, and a matrix of rituals developed for a time utterly shatted from the start. its stance is against the logic of conspiracy, against the cult of death, and against the terror of annihilation; its allegiance is to the lemurs, to their ghosts and to their dreams. lilli[an] patch is its mistress and often-negligent maintainer. contacting her through your local spiders is always a safe bet, or in lieu of that, emailing might work.

because the content on this site has been written under multiple names in now-lost contexts, and in some cases aggregated from other sites, it may appear odd or contrary to xenocx's present perspective. in the interests of not adopting a stance which is perfectionist to the level of paranoia, such pages have remained listed here. readers may freely discard what does not align with their interests.

this entire site is dedicated, in loving memory, to the numogrammaticist known as ::::(:)(((:):)) or Nine. its trajectory owes a great deal to her, and she is sorely missed. sadly, only a fraction of her individual work is accessible at this time, but the fragment of it which is available can be found at No Shape, No Depth.

in addition, xenocx has been greatly inspired by the following sites: