Age of Sin

By Lilypatchwork

What is this?

The ultimate, sinister implication of Pride Month and the official calendar of Neo-Amazonia.

What do the day names signify?

The days are named after the Greek goddess Nyx, situated in the centre, and her twelve daughters (or groups of daughters). In order, they are situated: Oizys, Achlys, Apate, Nemesis, Hybris, Hesperides, Nyx, Keres, Moirai, Eris, Philotes, Elpis, and Eleos. Each goddess personifies a concept, which could be seen as granting that meaning to her day.

What do the other terms mean?

The year format, YPA, refers to Years Post-Asymptote. The asymptote in question is roughly the one approached in Meltdown in the sequence 1500, 1756, etc. Queerness lurks in Outsideness. The week names—slime, mold, smog, blight—exist to refer to days in a month without a numeric date. The site title is in reference to the Catholic Pope's statement that trans people are defacing god.

What do the holidays mean?

The holidays are mostly either explicit references to queer mythology or veiled references to other queer happenings on the same day. If anyone wants to contribute to add to these, they can feel free to contact me on Twitter. Holidays in the special week do not have a day or a week: these are Nexus Day (the leap day) and Halloween (New Year's Eve). Why Halloween? It's gay Christmas and also the only good holiday.

This site has some problems.

IThis isn't surprising. You can DM me on Twitter if you find specific issues to fix.

I want to use or contribute to this site.

If you want to use any part of this website, go ahead; no reservations. If you want to contribute something or want help acquiring / decoding a component of this project, DM me on Twitter.